small brown logoI am a clinical  herbalist (RH) AHG, specializing in planetary herbology  having received my Certified Herbalist certificate from Michael and Leslie Tierra’s school, East West school of Planetary Herbology  http://www.planetherbs.com/.

I own Herbal Goddess Medicinals herbal products company https://www.facebook.com/herbalgoddessmedicinals, and you can find many of my products at https://centraloregonlocavore.org

My mentor and teacher is  KP Kalsa, author of The Way of Ayurvedic Herbs http://www.kpkhalsa.com/about.htm .

As a clinical herbalist,  I  work with individuals to achieve and maintain optimal health, wellness and longevity. To this end, I work at both the symptomatic (branch) and constitutional (root) level focusing on herbal, dietary and lifestyle approaches. My goal  is to provide clients with a comprehensive framework  that focuses on a variety of options that they can pursue. My philosophy is that  humans are composed of a series of physiological systems that are always in a state of flux.  My goal as an herbalist, is to identify specific plant medicine that help these systems achieve a healthy state of balance.

I embrace the community herbalist model, in that I grow and make my own medicine; along with teaching classes on growing medicinal herbs and medicine making. Access and affordability are interwoven throughout my practice, by providing a sliding scale, or teaching clients how to make their own medicine.

 This blog is dedicated to my herbal studies and to all the herbalists out there keeping herbal knowledge alive.

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  1. Mary Kay
    Jun 27, 2014 @ 04:02:26

    Holly are there herbs that can help with high cholesterol?


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