Agrimony is a herb that has fallen out of favor.  Some herbs have so many uses that they lose their place in the pharmacopeia.  Agrimony has many uses but is specific both external and interval uses related to liver functioning.  Agrimony contains a particular volatile oil, which may be obtained from the plant by distillation and also a bitter principle. It yields in addition 5 per cent of tannin, so that its use in cottage medicine for gargles and as an astringent applicant to indolent ulcers and wounds is well justified. Dried, above-ground parts of the plant, harvested shortly before or during summer flowering. Research published as recently as April 2005 tends to confirm Culpepper’s use of agrimony to treat various environmental toxins. Agrimony extracts do seem to protect against viral infections in general and hepatitis B in particular, providing the tea is made with boiling, rather than merely hot, water. Agrimony prepared at any temperature may support liver function.

  • anti-inflammatory [an agent to ease inflammation]
  • antiseptic [an agent for inhibiting the growth of micro organism on living tissue or destroying pathogenic or putrefactive bacteria] – mild
  • antiseptic activity against certain disease-causing bacteria and fungi
  • astringent (mild) [an agent that contracts organic tissue, reducing secretions or discharges]
  • deobstruant [an agent that clears away obstructions by opening the natural passages of the body]
  • diuretic [an agent that increases the secretion and expulsion of urine] 
  • tonic [an agent that strengthens or invigorates organs or the entire organism]
  • vulnerary [a healing application for wounds]

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